I am an eternal romantic, constantly in love with love, and I still believe in happy endings.

I have always been fascinated by weddings, maybe because of the fairy tales and the princesses or maybe because of the wonderful wedding dress shop that was just opposite my kindergarten.


Everyday I passed by those fantastic shop windows and when I looked at those wonderful dresses I was literally transported in a magic world made of wedding wows and future brides.


Another memory I have of myself is that I was standing among the pews in the church of my town, eagerly awaiting the beginning of the wedding march, so that I could see the beautiful bride walking down the aisle to meet her groom on their wedding day – what was even more beautiful was seeing the excitement in the bride’s eyes. I honestly believe that sometimes I was even more excited that the future husband!

I like the idea that this is how I started becoming passionate about wedding ceremonies.

Over time I also took an interest in photography and art.

My professional training began in 2012 when I attended courses with the most famous Italian wedding planners. These specific studies allowed me to broaden my knowledge together with the participation in events with professionals in this sector.

I think that professional growth and personal development are a crucial point, therefore in 2015, after having followed Federica Ambrosini for many years, I decided to attend one of her floral master classes.


I could not believe that I could really become passionate about flower design and that it could definitely become another strength for my professional activity.